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Last update: May 2014

In a nutshell

I was born in Mexico City, where I grew up and lived until the age of 25. I practiced rowing for about 9 years, of which about 5 were at international competitive level for Mexico's national team. During that time I started studying Physics at the Faculty of Sciences at UNAM, but later on I decided to change to Computer Science. My bachelor thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Jorge Urrutia. I obtained a master degree in Computer Science from Saarland University, in Saarbrücken, Germany, where my thesis was supervised by Prof. Dr. Raimund Seidel, who remained as my Ph.D supervisor. I am currently a Research Associate at the Information Systems Group headed by Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich at Saarland University.

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In the academics


2007-2012:Ph.D in Computer Science (Dr.-Ing.) at Saarland University under supervision of Prof. Dr. Raimund Seidel. 2006-2007:Master in Computer Science (M. Sc.) at Saarland University and International Max-Planck Research School For Computer Science (IMPRS) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Raimund Seidel. 2001-2005:Bachelor of Computer Science (B. Sc.) at National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Jorge Urrutia.

Research interests

My current research is mainly focused on developing and engineering (new) algorithms and data structures for (1) indexing, and (2) tuple reconstruction; both for main-memory databases on multi-core systems. This development process ought to, for example, make the algorithms (or implementations) NUMA-aware when applicable — rather relevant nowadays, and to profile these in order to detect bottlenecks in performance scalability. Previously, nonetheless, I mostly worked in Combinatorial and Algorithmic Geometry, Algorithm Engineering, Combinatorics, Data Structures, and Parameterized Complexity. In general, I am highly interested in areas having algorithmic flavor.



Recent teaching support activities

Other professional activities

I have been a reviewer for the following conferences and journals: CCCG, SoCG, VLDB, ICDE, IJCGA.

The rest of the time

I (hopelessly try to) keep a blog.

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